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one brand is worth a thousand pictures

In late 2009, the studio imagenHB won by national competition Argentinean Bicentenary Brand. The designer must partake of the spirit of the artisan, with imperturbable mood that once undertook the task of beautifying and ease the lives of men. But with perseverance and tenacity of the craft, it must develop the courage, ingenuity, curiosity, analytical passion, independence and the unbiased spirit of the scientist. It requires the patience of an ox and the systemic doubt of a philosopher, not less than the will to capture beauty stimuli and pure intelligence.

Bring beauty to our visual environment is working to make the world more friendly. We are communicators of a liquid time and no certainties in which information tends to vanish. Communicators of a reality that we aspire to transform into an abstract universe of beauty and synthesis.

ImagenHB was created in Buenos Aires in 1987. Is integrated by the partnership of graphic designers Hernán Berdichevsky and Gustavo Stecher. Their designs has been published in leading specialized media in the country and the world. They released two books, the latest, Idarg, was selected by the Association of Graphic Arts AIGA for exhibit in USA in 2008. This project is a particular view of Argentina's identity through the design of icons.

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